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Our consolidation service helps you save big on freighting cost for light to heavy consignment from Texas, U.S.A to Lagos, Nigeria.

Contact us for our drop off address for consignment or purchases.

Do you have multiple purchases from different suppliers? Not a problem, we can delay shipment for an estimated duration till all your goods are ready.

Minimum weight is 10kg or 22lb, Please call for charges for less 10kg for they vary.

$70 per New Cell phone

$80per New Laptop,

$40per used phone

$10/lb for Used laptop and we require receipts for gadgets.



We require receipt of purchase prior to shipment of all gadgets. We will not ship any fraudulent item.

Duration is 7 working days.


Freight Rate and custom clearing starts as low as $4.5/lb


We can air freight your consignment directly from different locations in the United States of America, this is the fastest way to get your goods if you choose not to consolidate your consignment with others. Pick up can be arranged with a qualified and reputable transportation company and delivery made directly from the airport to your doorstep. To give our best service we require the following;

  • Origin, Item Description and Weight. This assists us in providing a quotation.

  • Minimum weight be 50kg.

  • Commercial Invoice.

  • Packing List.

Duration is 2-3 working days.

Minimum weight is 50kg.

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